Christian Education Ministry

Sis. Verlean Harley, Chair: 540-720-1976

Sunday School

Dea. Cecil Millner:
Dea. Denise Millner:


Vacation Bible School

Carolyn Oglesby, Chair:
Kisha Britt, Assistant Chair:

Finance Mentoring

Dea. Sidney Hankerson:


Dea. Jeannette Ellis:


Missionary Ministry

Sis. Lisa Herbert-Cato, President
Sis. Dorothy Weldon, Vice President
Sis. Jill Byrd and  Sis. Gloria Ennis, Secretary
Sis. Valerie Griffin, Chaplin
Sis. Lucille McReynolds, Advisor
Sis. Wanda James, Junior Missionaries

Prayer Ministry 

Dea. Jeri Swann:
Dea. George Miller:

Micah Ministry

Dea. Douglas Richardson:, 540-373-4852

Stephen Ministry   

Dr. Faye E. Patterson  (540) 898-0424 (H); (865) 386-6485 (M)
Minister Nathaniel Hayes
Dr. Judy Coles Bailey

Learn more at:

Minister Wives & Widows 


Sick/Shut In

Dea. Brenda Brown: 540-785-6939


Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry email:
Dea. Anna Griffin, Director:

Young Ladies Ministry 

Dea. Barbara Green:

Children/Youth Church  

Dea. Anna Griffin:



Men’s Ministry

 Min. Donald Meney, President, 540-374-1643

Hospitality Ministry (Includes, Culinary Arts & Floral & Welcome)

Sis. Linda Bundy: 540-898-6524

Communications and Publications

Sis. Angela Coleman, Chairperson:
Sis. Marqessa Njie:


Dea. Anna Grymes-Griffin:
Dea. Stephen Griffin: 540-372-7584

Usher Ministry

Bro. Michael Minichini, President: 540-286-2424
Sis. Constance Lane, Vice President: 540-371-2158

Women’s Ministry

Sis. Marqessa Njie, President
Dea. Denise Milner, Vice President
Dea. Barbara Green, Asst. Secretary
Dea. Mary Tyson, Budget Coordinator
Sis. Pam Lamar, Asst. Budget coordinator
Trustee Judith Alston, Parliamentarian
Sis. Daisy Floyd, Chaplain

Culinary Ministry

Sis. Mary Crawford, 540-710-2508

Security Ministry

Donald Thomas, President, 540-412-0107

Crossing Guard Ministry

Ray Byrd:

Fine Arts Ministry


Min. Bernadine Parrish: 540-479-6999

Music Ministry

Ronald Monroe, Director: 540-371-9656

Chancel Choir 

Brother James White: 540-659-9627

Gospel Choir

Debbie Hamm

Men’s Choir

Brother Douglas Jones: 540-898-2559

One Voice Youth Choir

Dea. Anna Grymes-Griffin:
Brother Ronald Monroe:

Anointed Voice for Christ

Sister Pamela Lamar: 540-368-5575

Mass Choir

Brother Ronald Monroe:

Praise Dance Ministry

Deacon Vivian Lynch: 540-710-0580