Officers and Staff

Ministerial Staff

Office of Pastor - Vacant

Associate Ministers

Minister Anthony A. Parrish 
Minister Bernadine Parrish 
Minister Donald Bryant 
Minister Nathaniel Hayes 
Minister Donald Meney 
Minister Jean Meney 
Minister Donna Rhaney 
Minister Portia Sayles 
Minister Catherine Smith 
Minister Devin Waiters 
Minister Jonique Waiters 

Diaconate Ministry


The Diaconate (1) assists the Pastor in caring for the spiritual interests of the Church, the administration and preparation of the ordinances, and the direction of all public worship services; (2) is responsible for supplying the Pulpit with speakers when the office of Pastor is vacant; (3) interviews and recommends new candidates for membership in the Church; (4) makes regular visitations to the membership with special consideration given to the sick, needy, and distressed; and (5) supports the Church Clerk in the maintenance of the "Active" membership rolls.

Most importantly, Deacons are servants who assist, encourage and minister to the needs of the congregation and the ministerial staff.

Scriptural Basis

The Diaconate or Deacon Ministry consists of Deacons, men and women, who have been ordained into the ministry of serving GOD through their service to others according to  Acts 6:1-8, and I Timothy 3:8-13. 


Dea. Nathaniel Harley, Jr., Diaconate Chair 
Dea. George Miller, Diaconate Vice-Chair

Diaconate Teams

Team 1 - Mary Tyson, Ray Byrd

Team 2 - Carolyn Oglesby, Marqessa Njie, Sidney Hankerson

Team 3 -  Anna Griffin, Stephen Griffin

Team 4 - Curtiss Millner, Denise Millner

Team 5 - Nathaniel Harley, Audrey Prestonsoto

Team 6 – Doug Richardson, Barbara Green

Team 7 - Jeri Swann, Faye Patterson, George Miller

Team 8 - Jeanette Ellis, Tim Brown, Barbara Bryant


Trustee Ministry

  • Trustees hold legal title to all church property. Official legal documents under direction of the church.
  • Maintain an inventory of church documentation related to deeds, loans, insurance, and Bylaws with   
  • Policy and Procedures. Relates to appropriate civil officio’s in all legal matters involving the church.
  • Keeps abreast of latest insurance and legal changes to report such changes to church leadership and
  • Advise changes. Counsel with church leadership in matters related to property. Maintain and secure all legal documents in conjunction with the Church Clerk in a safety deposit box.

Judith Alston, Chair
Michael Lewis, Asst. Chair

Jackie Bass-Fortune

Chris Brown

Shelia Cooper

James Ellis

Norman Frasier

Megen Gray

J. LeCoy Hunter

Herman Johnson

James Marlowe

Tempia Thomas

Samuel Thompson

 Brigette Trent




Church Officers

Verlean Harley, Chair, Christian Education Ministry

Gayle Wilson, Church Clerk

Pamela Lamar, Assistant Church Clerk

James Ellis, Treasurer

Bridgette Trent, Assistant Treasurer

Chris Brown,Executive Secretary

Jackie Bass-Fortune, Asst. Executive Secretary

Shelia Cooper, Recording Financial Secretary

Charlotte Corbett-Parker,Assistant Recording Financial Secretary

Micheal Lewis,  Parliamentarian

Cecil Millner, Superintendent of Sunday School

Denise Millner, Asst. Superintendent of Sunday School

Anna Griffin, Youth Department Director

 Kisha Britt, Assistant Youth Department Director


Church Clerk

Gayle Wilson, Church Clerk

Pamela Lamar, Assistant Church Clerk


James Ellis, Treasurer

James Marlowe,  Church Sexton

Charlotte Corbett-Parker, Church Secretary