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Church Mission

The purposes of Shiloh Baptist Church (New Site) are the promulgation and teaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the promotion and furtherance of the moral and spiritual (physical and mental) welfare of its members and other attendants upon its ministry, and the expansion of the kingdom of God at home and abroad.

Parrish original

Pastor Anthony Parrish's Vision for the Church


H. O. P. E.

H = House of Prayer

I see a church where prayer is the first thought that come to our minds when we make decisions, face trouble, or help another; a church where prayer is the first work of any ministry; where meeting for prayer is as important to people as coming to church on Sundays and a church of believers who have a commitment to praying, caring, and sharing.

O = Outreach to the Saved & Lost

I see a church establishing personal witness as basic for every believer and develop and equip saints to witness. A church were even the youngest child or the greatest sinners can receive the Gospel; challenge the most reliable of saints to a greater trust in Jesus as Savior and Lord.

P = Personal Growth

I see a church where we grow in the study of the Word of God; a church where we can develop and implement ministries that will train and restore men and woman to a God given position within the family; accentuate Christian family values; and train our young to grow in Christ. I see a church of members with a perpetual desire to grow and the Deacon Family Ministry as the avenue for making sure all within families are growing and developing in Christ.

E = Evangelism

I see a church that delights in giving itself away with a sense of urgency, by the deployment of at least two or three mission teams a year; a church that celebrates visitors who enter our fellowship by treating them like one whom God has entrusted to us. An attitude that offers encouragement and hope to everybody, regardless of background or ethnicity.