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Special Note: Please refer to the eNewsletter for the Bible Study and Sunday School schedule during COVID-19.

Shiloh Broadcast

Our next Church meeting will be held Thursday, May 21st at 7:00pm via videoconference. The link to the conference was sent to all ministries via email and will be posted on the church website. It is also included below:


Those who wish to participate by telephone may do so by calling 1 (646) 749-3112; followed by the Access Code: 957-801-429#.

Thank you and continued blessings to each of you.

Message from Pastor Parrish

In the cataclysmic events of these times, hearts will faint. In such a time, it can be easy to lose hope unless we clearly understand what our hope is.

Our hope is not a wish: it’s not a “hope so” or “I wish” kind of hope but a sure hope: “a joyful confident expectation of what God is going to do on our behalf”

Our hope is the future tense of faith. Abraham had no natural hope in having a child but based on the promise of God he hoped and made this “hope” sure by his faith.

Biblical hope is alive, vital and based on the resurrection of Jesus the Christ.

Hope is not alone: It belongs to a triad of virtues: faith hope and love.

Hope Contributes to our Lives and plants us firm: It anchors our soul.

Hope produces Patience, purifies us: 1 John 3:3, The hope of seeing Jesus, purifies us and prepares us to see Him.

Our hope helps us believe that in all things God is working for our good.

In the midst of this pandemic are you living in hope? Is your hope strong, sure, vital, accompanied by faith and love? Is it causing you to be joyful, confident, patient and pure?

If not you need to be reminded of the one who is greater than the virus; who made a way out of no way; one who was able to heal all manner of diseases; one who went to that hill called Calvary, suffered and died; was buried, but rose again on that Sunday morning for you and for me. He is our hope. He is with us through “this” storm. We have our hope in God through His Son Jesus the Christ. Stay strong and hopeful in the Lord.

God Bless you.
Pastor Parrish